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      +971 4 285 11 30 78801, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
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      With focus on the development of skilled and dynamic team over the last two years, the Mechanical and Electrical Divisions have experienced satisfactory achievements.

      We have always believed that a proactive program of scheduled maintenance and cleaning provides years of trouble free operation of your valuable HVAC/R equipment.

      ORIENT ELECTROMECHANICAL CO. L.L.C. provides clients with a wide range of construction delivery system options. Our project management personnel

      About Us

      “ORIENT ELECTROMECHANICAL CO. L.L.C. offers its professional engineering services in building and infrastructure industry. It is registered in Emirates of Dubai and has an extensive professional and technical expertise in Electro-Mechanical project operation and management, involving detailed planning, programming, monitoring and reporting on each project.”

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      Choosing a career at ORIENT ELECTROMECHANICAL CO. L.L.C. is reinforcing in many ways . It is the place to learn and rise. Your team manager or leader will set appropriate goals for you that will take you on the path of growth both professionally and personally.

      Our Client

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